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We believe brilliant maps

change the world.

We're an innovative tech company creating amazing, map-first experiences that are easy-to-use, beautifully designed and user friendly!

at a glance

We provide a range of services to help our clients. Our team are experts in the fields  of environmental, geospatial and information technology and we all love learning by working on difficult problems and projects.

Software & Solution 

We work with you to build data driven  web map applications that help communicate your data and bring your ideas to life.

Remote Sensing

Our specialized team will help you extract data and insights from aerial imagery such as satellite data. We can help you measure and detect patterns, trends and changes at a landscape scale.

Map Production

Need a digital or print map? We can create beautiful maps for use on signs, digital media or for print.

Geospatial Data Management 

Have an interesting problem you're trying to solve that involves the location data? Let us help demistify your problem and manage your data so you get the answers you need, quickly.

Environmental Monitoring

We have a great deal of experience with environmental monitoring especially with forestry monitoring and are extremely well equipped for in field data collection with iPads, specialised cameras and UAV's.

Beautifully Designed.
Delightfully Simple.

We've always been captivated by maps.
They transcend every language, every demographic, every race. They're incredibly intuitive and are extremely effective in communicating vast quantities of location based information in a really simple way. 

Hunting and extracting insights found deep within complex geographic datasets is what gets us up in the morning. Hence the name.


GeoInsight was created because we endeavour to provide tools that illuminate insights in all sorts of geographic data for small, medium and enterprise organisations. 


We live for creating really simple solutions to complex problems. Demystifying the intricate, navigating the impossible and illuminating the imperceptible. 

We'd love you to get in touch and tell us what your pain points are, let us help you find the solutions to your most painful problems and put your business on the map. 

Our Values







Who do we help?

Regional & District Councils

Large & small

Private individuals



Are you ready to put your

business on the map?

Innovation Drives Us

We absolutely love working with interesting clients who have really challenging problems that let us think outside of the box to come up with the best possible solution and make it look stunning! From small jobs such as making a simple map of the region to large scale, multi-stakeholder projects.

We can do it all.

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