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We're much more than just a mapping company

Our Services

Map First Software Solutions

We create user friendly software developed by leveraging existing libraries to save time, money and effort that meets your needs. These are map-centric programs that we curate and host in the cloud. They allow users to explore data on interactive maps and so they better understand the story you're trying to tell. 

  • ArcGIS Online Web & Mobile apps.

  • Dashboards and reporting tools.

  • Custom web map applications.

  • Bespoke map-centric web applications.

Geospatial Analysis and GIS Data Management

We have been managing geospatial data for along time and are fluent with both Enterprise and Open Source GIS programs. We provide a range of GIS services such as creating digital datasets from paper records, managing geodatabases, analyses data to identify patterns and trends and building web and mobile applications that allow your organisation to collect, visualise and edit data seamlessly. We've support a range of organisations with their GIS systems and offer varied levels of technical support depending on your needs. 

  • Georeferencing, digitising and formatting GIS datasets.

  • Spatial queries to answer specific questions.

  • Spatial Database Hosting in the cloud

  • Spatial Data Analysis.

  • Fully managed support of your GIS ecosystem.

Digital or Print map production

We pride ourselves in producing modern digital and print maps. We can produce a single large map for a promotional sign or a map book to show off particular areas of interest. An example of this is a Winery wanting to produce a map book or atlas to showcase the different local qualities blended into their wines or a power company wanting to highlight the different maintenance states of each section of powerlines to management. 

  • Print Maps from small A4 to A0 maps. 

  • Map Atlas or book with multiple data driven pages.

  • Renders to illustrate elevation data in a 3D context.

Remote Sensing

We are knowledgable in the use of remote sensing technologies. We use imagery captured from satellites, drones or airplanes, manipulate that data to classify objects and extracts information to give use a better landscape scale understanding of what is happening on the ground. For example calculating the percentage cover of invasive willows along riverbanks in the region.

  • Image Classification. 

  • Change detection and monitoring.

  • Quantitative analysis.

  • Spatio-statistical analysis.

  • Conservation and Biodiversity specific remote sensing analysis.

Environmental Monitoring, Training and Field Mapping

We've been carrying out environmental monitoring for over a decade. We are specialists in forestry monitoring and compliance but also conduct other field research and mapping for other projects. We offer a 2 day Compliance Officer Training course, for further information please get in contact. Our most recent project has involved the mapping of 15,000 hectares of pastoral farmland in the Pelorus River Catchment and surrounding sub catchments in the Te Hoiere Project Catchment Condition Survey. We were responsible for collecting data about critical source areas, stream conditions, fencing and riparian planting and invasive weed species from iPads.

  • We provide a service for forestry monitoring inspections in the Top of the South

  • We have the equipment to carry out both aerial mapping and GIS data collection in the field.

  • Our team has both terrestrial and marine environmental experience and can carry out a range of monitoring.

How can
we help you?

We are an extremely innovative and adaptive team that learn quickly on the job and implement well managed protocol to get the job done to a high standard and deliver on what we promise.


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