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RemoteHQ, developed by GeoInsight is a novel software solution that creates national consistency under the NES-PF and promotes sustainable forest harvesting in New Zealand. It provides better access to public data and helps manage the impacts of our changing climate, throughout the post harvest window of vulnerability phase. We have released a new version & App (please get in touch for more information) otherwise check it out here


RemoteHQ is a user-friendly, publicly available software enabling easy monitoring for forestry activities. Built for Regional and District Councils to:

  • Limit the environmental effects of forest harvesting in New Zealand.

  • Streamline the management of forestry activities under the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF). 

  • Provide a multidimensional perspective into harvested land and identify potential problems before they occur.





RemoteHQ is designed to give you the tools you need to monitor forestry activity, all in one platform.

Notification Admin

Manage and administer

NES-PF notifications through RemoteHQ.

High Resolution Imagery

Historical record of high resolution drone imagery showing post harvest management. 

Report & Task Management

Communication of remedial works and reports to forest managers and landowners. 

Mobile App for Offline Collection

View, edit and collect geospatial and photographic data in the field, offline to report on later. Say goodbye to paper notepads & handheld cameras!

Live Map View

Real-time maps of active forestry activities are publicly accessible. 

Harvest Plan Standardisation

Standardisation of varying harvest plans for a nationally consistent view of activities occurring within each region.

API Integration with existing systems

Seamlessly integrate with our geospatial API's to enable the rest of your organisation with real-time access to forestry data.

Forest Inspections

Forest monitoring expertise and GIS smarts are combined to identify areas of excellence, concern and failure.


NES-PF notifications are submitted online through RemoteHQ.

Council monitoring officers can undertake inspections on the mobile application in the field and can generate reports easily.
GeoInsight fees are passed onto the landowner as permitted activity monitoring under a user pays model.
Information becomes publicly accessible and monitoring reports are generated in RemoteHQ to communicate remedial works with forest managers and landowners.
Harvest Plans are curated and standardised. All relevant details are then extracted providing a nationally consistent map view of forestry activity in each Region. 
Where Council need a comprehensive monitoring record for a forest block where harvesting is complete,  GeoInsight provide a Forest Inspection service using their 15 years of monitoring experience to conduct initial monitoring. Areas of excellence, concern and failure are identified alongside as built works and photogrammetric data which are processed in RemoteHQ.

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