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Our Mission

We are innovators and problem solvers at heart and believe in challenging the status quo every step of the way. We believe in thinking outside the box and exploring solutions that are unfamiliar,  unexplored, unknown. We believe in delivering beautifully simple, high quality products, on time and exceeding expectations to leave you delighted and wondering what else is possible!

Our Story

GeoInsight was founded by Rob Besaans and Mark Spencer in 2018. They identified a need  for a better, smarter map-centric system to allow Regional Councils in New Zealand to administer forestry end-to-end under the new national standards (NES-PF).


We've been developing innovative software products ever since and have mainly had an environmental focus to date as this is what we're passionate about. We have a wide network of specialists from remote sensing experts to full stack developers who come together to create amazing products for our clients. 

Lately we've been managing many organisation's GIS ecosystems, setting up web and mobile applications for them and helping them manage their data or moving from paper based systems to digital ones.

A large project we've just completed is the nationally significant Te Hoiere/Pelorus Catchment Condition Survey, which has involved us putting together a team to monitor around 15,000 hectares of dairy farm land. We've been collecting real-time data on stream conditions, critical source areas, fencing and planting information to help inform decision making. 

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We're different from other Software Companies, Geospatial or Environmental Consultancies because we bring everything together in one place and add a whole lot of innovation to what we do, because it's who we are. Innovators. 

Our team has a great deal of experience in a varied number of knowledge domains such as geology, marine biology, resource management, environmental monitoring and compliance, GIS, remote sensing and earth observation, software development, business analysis and project management. 

We combine all this knowledge together with modern tools such as drones and 360° cameras and wrap it all together with software to help give another perspective on problems our clients face, helping them see things they've previously never been able to see.


Our clients come to us for:

  • Architecting solutions to complicated spatial problems.

  • Acquiring, curating and managing data.

  • Developing tailored applications to enable their teams.

  • Creating high level reporting tools such as dashboards for managers.

  • Identifying and detecting changes from satellite data. 

  • Automating repetitive geoprocessing tasks

  • Research and development into new approaches, methodologies and techniques of manipulating GIS data. 

What sets us apart?

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