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Project DeVine Mobile Application & Dashboard

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

(May 2021 - Present)

Project DeVine is an environmental trust in the Golden Bay, Tasman - managing large scale weed eradication programmes. We were brought on to take over their GIS ecosystem and move them from an almost entirely paper based management system to a mostly GIS based system. The process has involved understanding requirements of the end users, management and executive staff and building a mobile field application for in-field data collection that feeds records of work completed and weeds eradicated into a central database from which metrics are fed into a dashboard allowing executive and management staff to improve their planning, decision making and simplify reporting to funders such as LINZ, DOC, MFE and the Rata Foundation. The image shows the current task dashboard designed for simple but efficient visualisation of the present projects in Golden Bay. The end-user has the capability to filter live field data and follow the field officers from the office. The end-user is able to filter for individual weed control sheets and timesheets by selecting the individual properties. Furthermore, the selection panels on the left allow the office staff to filter properties based on their job number, their property ID and the action status.

Project DeVine is reporting to numerous donors and is entitled to release monthly and quarterly numbers on weeds, which have been eradicated or brought under control during since the last report. With the new public dashboard (not yet live), the Public as well as the donors and other relevant stakeholders will be able to view the progress of the projects in the different management units. The panel on the right is showing the amount of Banana Passion Vine’s, which have been eradicated since the foundation of Project DeVine. The arrows allow the viewer to toggle between all the different weeds, which the field officers are working with. In order to undertake pre-field assessment and analysis, this unique WebApplication was designed to allow the operator to view, filter, query and edit the collected data for individual reporting purposes. The application has been enabled to query the data on property scale and immediately print the results. All data collected during the field operation (including images, control and time sheets) can be viewed and used for further analysis.

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