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Wastewater Heat Mapping

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

(May 2021 - Present)

Around 35% of all the energy consumed by NZ houses is used to generate heat in hot water systems and everyday this heat is discharged into the associated wastewater network. Likewise, over 40% of all low-grade heat used in Industrial and Commercial sectors is also discharged into the associated wastewater network. At the moment this heat energy is flushed away, but it can be captured and recycled. In New Zealand alone this is estimated at over $1 Billion going down the drain, literally.

Nick Meeten, Director of Blenheim based business Applied Energy, is the innovative engineer behind this application. We've worked closely with him over the past few months, bringing his vision to life and working through several iterations of design to arrive at an extremely intuitive, visually appealing application that tells the story of where our heat energy comes from, how much there is and where it's going.

This project’s purpose focused on reducing carbon footprints of urban areas by improving visibility of the wasted heat energy in the wastewater network of cities enabling architects, planners and Council asset engineers to improve decision making for future town planning. The UI/UX design was focused around making information accessible, easy to interpret and extremely user friendly for non-technical people.

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